Wednesday, September 9, 2009


heyyyy pppllllls today was the first day of high school and it was amazing!! my friends are with me24/7 there awesome. still dont have all my text books but what ever lol comment and tell me how ur first day was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 mush mush

Friday, August 28, 2009

Wizard's movie!!!♥♥♥ "spoiler alert!!!"

AHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH it was AWESOME!!!!! omg right from the beggining I was hooked. The acting was fanominal! my favorite part was when alex and justin were in the woods and they were talking i almost cried and the best part was when alex won and then justin forgot everything and alex started saying how much she looked up to him and how much she wanted to be like him and then he dissapeared... thats were i started crying. this movie was juust soooooooo goood! well its almost 10 and im pooped my froend took his bicked and biked over from his cousin and we chatted for like 2 hours lol ttly super tired

Thursday, August 27, 2009


hey people guess what?!?!?! I made the team i tryed out for. YAYA i cant wait i have practice this sunday!!! its going to be so much fun lol well.....

ttyl mush mush

love that save!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Soccer Tryouts!

Hey guys, it's Mushy. I wasn't able to post anything yeasterday cause I was at tryouts for this new premiere team starting in my town. There was this new coach evaluating us and he was rude. we did a bunch of boring excersises and played all these stupid games that never worked. then we played one were its 4v4. My team dominated. Go yellow team!! Now all I have to do is wait to find out what happens next. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

XOXO Mush♪♫

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Don't lose sight of the Big Picture!!

Hola Chicas y Chicos es Ellie! If you have noo idea what I said then you need to go talk to a spanish person! Anyway today was a great say with Mushy and her sisters. So we all went on the boat again [[except Mushy cause she had something important she will tell you about]]. It was really fun. But Anyway I got home, and realized how lucky they were to have each other. Even though they fight, they all need each other, whether they like it or not. And Natasha was extremley hyper today! [[she wanted me to tell you that]]. Anywayssssssss life is pretty good, also if you all love me, which I know you do, you will watch the Degrassi Goes Hollywood movie this friday night!!!! Why? CAUSE IT IS MY BIGGEST OBSESSION EVA! So if you care about Ellie, you will. Even though I will be out of town till Saturday! Why? Cause I am going with my friend to a castle!! So this might be my last post till Sunday but I'll try to be on before then. Also, my ex hasn't talked to me since we broke up, even though HE is the one who said he wanted to stay friends, but whateverrrrrr.
Anyway Peaches out!

Friday, August 7, 2009

im on a boat!!!

♫Mushy Speaken♫
OMG!!!! today we went on my boat. it was soooo much fun except for the fact that i get dizzy on huge waves and ellie gets seasick. but we managed. First we went on this huge sandhill it was me, Ellie, Lola, Natasha and Zoey. It was so steep that coming down we all slided down on our butts the whole way it stucked so badly. at the bottom there were a ton of drunk guys so we tryed to avoide them but one guy was playing football with his little son and hes like girls come play with us u there u there u there and we're like ummmmmm were going to the other hill. he was like ohhhhhh so we went to the other hill and it was soo much steeper it was crazy my legs hurt so bad cause i had an amazing workout and i can barely move lol.

Sup chicas its Ellie belly!!
So to continue with what Mush was saying, after the hills we went back on the boat and went out farther in the water. Of course, on our way out we got so much salt spray attacking us that I got SOAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was ridiculously fun, I didn't get sea sick, then again that's only happened once before. Anyway life was pretty good, we freaked out GC by telling him Mushy was moving to another state over 5,000 miles away, so ya it was a pretty good day!

People you may want to know

So these people will be mentioned, a lot! So weee will give you some backround info on them.

Mushy- one of the creators of this blog, tottaly amazing and u would be soooo lucky to have her as a gf!
Ellie-the other creator of this blog who owns wayyyy to many watermellon colored things. Glasses, sleeping bag, pillow, bed spread, suitcase. And uh total drama queen. but in a good way-sorta.

Stuver Hover- TOTAL A$$!!!!!!!!! Goes out with girls only to get them to do stuff they aren't comfortable with. But he has a way of words to make you feel special, and treat you like crap but you really dont know till its to late.

Lola- Amazing sibling of Mushy, she is awesome, and Ellie's long lost sister
Natasha- One of Zoey's friends and wayyy nice! Super adorkable!
Zoey- pretty awesome, and curently on the excersie bike
Rachel- Youngest of the sibblings, pretty nice.
Graham Cracker AKA GC- ugly kid, nothing more nothing less. Stalks us through texts but is pretty cool, and sooo wants to ask Mush to prom, but uh thats not happening! Plays guitar 24/7. So if he can't bring Mushy, he will most likely go with his guitar.
Macoroni- GC's BFF, and is in the process of eating a large pizza by himself, pigggy!!!! But total hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
James- Ellie's ex and total Stuver Hoover follower, so can you say Jackola A$$ola!